About Us

Dazzling Smile Express offers professional quality teeth whitening products and teeth whitening session in our new salon suite, Dazzling Smile Studio!

We are owned and operated by a licensed dental professional who takes pride in offering a comfortable, effective, and professional experience. When you visit our teeth whitening spa, we will start with a full consultation to determine your staining factors and if you are a candidate for teeth whitening. We highly recommend having a dental checkup and cleaning within the past six months, and no longer than one year. If you need a dentist in the area, we will gladly refer one to you.

Our line of teeth whitening products have been specially formulated for our use and are available for delivery within the U.S.

All treatments are self administered and guided by a registered dental hygienist.
For more information on booking your visit to our teeth whitening spa or a mobile service to your home, please contact us.